Empress Regnant Empress Regnant

In the ancient China history there are two famous rulers. One is Qin Shi Huang - the First Emperor and one is Wu Zetian - the Empress Regnant. Wu Zetian is not only powerful but she is extremely beautiful. Now this is your chance to meet her in our new slot game.

Empress Regnant

This gorgeous slot game have 5 reels - 10 paylines with WILD STACK and RESPIN features. Normal pay from left to right but in RESPIN pay from BOTH SIDES. Feast your eyes on the beautiful Empress and win all of her money and your heart, if you dare. Just remember - some people did say women are more dangerous than poison snakes and you can see for yourself if that's true or not. You have been warned!

Lovely and charming Empress waiting for you to steal her heart away. IT'S BETTING TIME!!!

On Jul 3rd 2019 / Last News